Hello world!

January 18, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Lucas d’Acampora Prim and i´m a Ruby Noobie!

After spending about ten years programming PHP and playing with some low-level C++, i´ve decided to make programming as fun as it gets, and Ruby seems to be the gemstone that is gonna provide me that. Equipped with my Programming Ruby 1.9 by Dave Thomas (Amazon it!) i´m starting to get what this language has to offer and, believe me, i´m wowing.

Every time i´m learning something, i do it better by playing with it: writing it down, trying some examples, creating exercices, among other weird stuff so, as i want to learn to program in Ruby by the only best way i know, i´ve decided to create a place to write down every single nuance of the language and, not being a greedy selfish world-dominator nerd, i thought: – Oh! Why not creating a blog where everything learned get documented and publicated?

That´s what i am doing right now! Ruby Noobie is my way to document the things i´m learning and to make this content publicly-available, helping other people along their way to learn this astonishing programming language!

So welcome to Ruby Noobie! I´d love to see this blog as a space to learn with other beginners and as a way to learn Ruby (and Rails, of course!) while having fun!