My name is Lucas d´Acampora Prim and I´m a Ruby Noobie!

I live in Florianópolis, SC, Brazil and I´m a student at Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC), majoring on Business Administration. Used to major on Civil Engineering at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, went till the 3rd year and decided to give up on studying engineering to start studying business, programming and other ways to create solutions to the world.

I´ve worked programming PHP applications since i was twelve, was introduced to programming when tweaking mIRC at the age of eight but never went deep into geeky stuff. On my past ten years, i´ve been learning a lot about philosophy, history, psychology, politics, marketing, innovation, programming, managing and a lot of other stuff i can´t recall right now.

Since i got accepted into the university, i´ve stopped programming professionally and started focusing on programming for fun and solving most of my daily problems by using the computer to perform the boring tasks. This way i was able to have plenty of time to party, hang out with friends, be with my girlfriend, play with my dogs and do every other thing that i enjoy and gets me inspired. It has been working out great!

That´s my philosophy now: Leave the boring work to the PC! or Do the boring work once: code it! Recently found a guy that seems to think the same, Tom Peters, loved his book Re-Imagine! and been inspired since then to keep on walking towards this direction.

I´ve started learning Ruby as a way to improve my programming skills so I can create new solutions to my own business projects without the need to pay rivers of cash to consultants or to deploy some of the crappy-software they produce here where i live. And that´s the point when i created this blog! Hope you enjoy it!


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